Perry J Hazeltine, PhD: therapy & psychological services, grief counseling and career consultation

I am comfortable and experienced with helping people with a range of concerns.  I  try to help my clients identify and process the emotions that are a part of whatever problems they are dealing with.  I am particulalry interested in providing psychotherapy for people during times of transition or loss. For example, I see great opportunities in mid-life that are often preceded by loss of enthusiasm, burn-out or great anxiety such as fears of illness, aging and death.   Or, I see the Twenty-Somethings stalling out or disappointed in love or work and needing  some affirmation of that seed of possibility within them. And those interested in their spiritual life can be helped to see periods of confusion and pain as precursors to personal growth and an opportunity to reconnect with the deeper meaning in their lives.



I also:

  • Continue my work with teens and their families. I am especially interested in helping parents through these years and to remind them to not forget to keep an eye on their own growth and development.
  • Continue my work at the Samaritan Center
    • helping church denomination leaders with human resource concerns by providing psychological evaluations for candidates entering ministry, and for fitness-for-ministry processes
    • offering  vocational and personality assessment as well counseling for ministers discerning a new call or seeking personal growth.

Find out more about my work with the clergy and congregation care services at the Samaritan Counseling Center. Click here to read a blog about Clergy Assessment.  

To set up an initial consultation for therapy and psychological evaluations contact Perry at:

  or (717) 875-8993
243 North Duke Street
Lancaster, PA 17602
week days 8 am- 6 pm parking meters require 6 quarters per hour