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Thoughts on Good Friday: A compassionate God.

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

From a Christian perspective Good Friday celebrates God’s definitive act of love and compassion . In Jesus’ humanity God trades omnipotence for vulnerability. In this vulnerability, God becomes our companion in suffering.

For the therapist with a Christian spirituality, what does this suggest about the therapist client relationship? When a person, anxious and vulnerable, comes into counseling they may see the therapist as the “professional”, objective, and with expert advice and interventions. But to stay in a hierarchical arrangement would be to withhold companionship. One of my professors, Emil Soucar, would tells us again and again that counselors must put themselves in a one-down position. This stepping down is a merely a shadow of the stepping down of God in Jesus.

Jesus on Cross painting by Debra Hurd see more of her work at her website.